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No 8, Group 4, Bau Village, Kim Chung Commune, Dong Anh District, Hanoi City, Vietnam


Let me tell you…

French quarter, drip coffee, bánh mì, phở, áo dài, motorbike madness. These are some of the things that easily come to mind when you think about the country of Vietnam. Add H’Hen Niê to that list if you closely followed Miss Universe 2018. From the paddy fields of the cold and foggy Sa Pa to the French-inspired buildings and museums of the hot and humid Sài Gòn (Hồ Chí Minh City), Vietnam is a country of rich history and culture. But for you to fully get to know Vietnam, you must get to know its amazing people.

I had the opportunity to do exactly that when I volunteered for CCHD (Center for Cooperation and Human Development ) in Hà Nội a few years ago.

CCHD is a registered non–government organization (NGO) which aims to be the leader in volunteer travel programs in Vietnam, allowing volunteers to travel, and at the same time, make a positive change in the communities they visit. Its programs focus on education, social integration, and personal, family and community development.

As a volunteer, I had the opportunity to teach basic English to Vietnamese kids (and adults). I also got to meet other volunteers from all over the globe and exchange stories and experiences with them. I felt like I had a home away from home since Dũng, the founder and director of CCHD, treated me like a part of his family.

A testament to the lasting relationships built because of CCHD, Dũng and I had an amazing catch-up over lunch today (almost 3 years after my volunteering stint in Vietnam) here in Manila.

If you want to know more about the programs offered by CCHD, you can check them out here: …or just send me a message and I’d be more than willing to answer your questions ☺️

Very good experience! The house is comfortable, good food and people are very friendly. You can meet volunteers from all over the world and sharing many experiences with them. You also can visit different places of the north of Vietnam in your free days. Sometimes it can be a bit disorganized but I’m sure that with the new ideas it could be better. I definitely recommend it!

Alba (Spain)
Salome (Germany)

I really enjoyed my time volunteering in Vietnam! By living with Mr. Dung and his family you get a good impression of how locals there live. The food was very good and their house is nice and spacious. It’s about 40min by bus to Hanoi but it’s located in kind of a village with a market which I thought is a nicer place to live than Hanoi. 
The teaching itself is challenging, can also be fun but that totally depends on the class. Sometimes poor organization (No assistant in my first class). 
Mr. Dung is nice and funny, the other volunteers as well! 
Overall a really nice experience!

Si quieres viajar de una forma diferente, aprender la cultura desde dentro y además ayudar de una forma desinteresada este es tu sitio. Desde el primer mensaje todo fueron facilidades. Muchas gracias por haberme dejado formar parte de este gran equipo.
If you want to travel in a different way, learn the culture from the inside and also help in a disinterested way this is your site. From the first message all were facilities. Thank you very much for letting me be part of this great team. 

Javier (Spain)
Irene (Spain)

Incredible experience surrounded by wonderful people. Highly recommended!

I loved all my days at Yepvin, everybody was super friendly all the time. I definitely recommend this experience to everyone.

Matheus (Brazil)
Ligaya (Philippines)

My overall experience is outstanding. At first, I was hesitant about the program since they really take their time to reply to you. I wasn’t even sure if there would be someone to pick me up at the airport last minute. Luckily there’s a Vietnamese volunteer that waited for me even though my arrival was around 2 AM. The house is well-maintained and they have everything you need. The other volunteers are also very friendly and helpful. I’m missing them already. The whole experience as a teacher is also fantastic. I had the opportunity to bond with the Vietnamese kids. Authentic experience!!!

It’s fun teaching the kids and I wish we could’ve stayed longer.

Melody Rizal (philiphines)
Verónica (Spain)

I would definitely recommend staying with Dung’s family. You will feel totally comfortable being there, they are a very kind family, and you will laugh a lot with them. You will also meet many people from different parts of the world, and you will share much living at home. Teaching children will be something that will keep you active and you will laugh a lot with them. You will do it right away with the area and you will have time to know different places.

Muy buena la experiencia. He aprendido un montón y me la he pasado muy bien. ¡Repetiría con gusto! 😉

Matías (Spain)
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