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Prices in Vietnam – Volunteer: Gorka



How much money do you need to travel to Vietnam? That’s one of the first questions for every traveler who desires to visit Vietnam. You can hear traditionally it’s a really cheap country to visit, but at the same time is one of the fastest growing countries in Asia, and as a result, costs are going up every year.





If you want to do a conventional touristic travel, the prices per day could be aproximately 30 euros per day for a backpacker, or between 50 and 90 euros per day if you want to enjoy a more comfortable trip. However there is another way to travel, cheaper and more authentic: doing a volunteer program with Yepvin!



If you help Yepvin with some of its programs (teaching english, web site development, marketing, helping disable children etc.), you can make a real social impact in Vietnam during your holidays, and at the same time you can save money and share a invaluable vietnamese experience with the fascinating and funny Mr. Dung’s family. In this kind of travel you just need about 30 euros (or less) per week!




I give you a short list of prices of the basic things you can buy in Vietnam:


Bus: 9000 VND/travel

1,5 L water bottle: 10000 VND/u

Dragon Fruit: 15000 VND/kg

Monument tickets: 5000 VND/u


The only thing you have to take on mind is that here you are a foreign, so it’s usual they believe you are rich and try to sell you everything more expensive than the real price, that’s why you have to bargain continuously. But actually, the latter can be quite fun, and you can find unbelievable pulleddown prices!

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