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No 8, Group 4, Bau Village, Kim Chung Commune, Dong Anh District, Hanoi City, Vietnam


English Teaching Program in Ho Chi Minh City



Volunteering Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Program Start Date: January 2017


Role: Assisting local teachers with classes or leading your own classes and teaching English language to Vietnamese children, teenagers or adults


Target Beneficiaries: less fortunate ones who cannot afford to enroll in private English classes.


“Here at Yepvin, It is our passion to give every children an opportunity to learn. Our volunteers from around the world share their talents and skills to touch the hearts and minds of every children. We do not require expertise. We simply require a genuine passion for learning and sharing. “



Program Rationale:


The communities and schools that we are partnered with have little exposure to English learning materials and English teachers. Your skills and presence will make the students more excited and more encouraged to learn English!


“But I don’t have any teaching experience!” you say. Fortunately, we have a dynamic staff to support you with your teaching process. We also arrange “sharing and learning forum” among volunteers so other volunteers who never had experience teaching before may share their stories and teaching experiences with you! You are also encouraged to use your creativity to design the class setting that suits your teaching style. We will be providing you with ample teaching materials that you can use.


Program Details:

Volunteers are expected to teach English to Vietnamese students. The students may be pre-schools (3 to 5 years old), gradeschoolers (5 to 12 years old), teens (12 to 18 years old) and young adults (18 to 21 years old) depending on the student availability.


Volunteers will be provided with ample teaching materials so that they can perform their teaching activities at their best. Volunteers will also be provided with Vietnamese co-teacher to support them during classes. Volunteers will be given a free hand to design their teaching methods in order to suit their teaching styles and techniques.


Volunteers who does not have teaching experience are also welcome. They will be provided with necessary orientation about the ins and outs of the teaching process. A weekly forum will also be organized by our staff to enable volunteers to share their teaching stories and experiences.


Program Activities:


Volunteers will teach five (5) days per week for only five (5) hours per day. The schedule as to whether to hold classes in the morning or evening will vary depending on the availability of classes.


Volunteers are not expected to stay at the teaching location after they finish their classes, so they can have a break, walk around the community or enjoy the city. We are also flexible in the schedule. We can allow volunteers to have a week of teaching break in order to travel to the other parts of the country and come back to do volunteer teaching again. In fact, we can arrange your trip and provide you support in planning your tour and activities during your teaching break. We can provide you information that will enable you to decrease your travel expenses and save you from having a not-so-delightful trip.




You can apply by sending a message on our live chat at the right-bottom part of this website or kindly email us at A program manager will get in touch with you to get to know you better and provide more details about our volunteer program.

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