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No 8, Group 4, Bau Village, Kim Chung Commune, Dong Anh District, Hanoi City, Vietnam


Studying Overseas

Disabled Care
International Internship



Program Description

– Beneficiaries: Vietnamese students who wish to study abroad

– The program features advice on:

+ Which school and major to choose
+ How to successfully apply for a study visa
+ How to ask for recommendation letters
+ Where and how to find accommodation
+ The differences in teaching and learning styles between Vietnam and other countries
+ What jobs international students can do to earn some extra money

Problem Statement

There is an increase in the number of students studying overseas today. They opt for studying in another country either because their favorite majors are not available in Vietnamese educational system, or because they want to experience a totally different learning and teaching environment. However, many students, when coming to the decision of where and how to apply, usually get stuck. Some may consult the overseas consultancy, yet the consultant fee rates are usually costly.

Therefore, this program aims to support those seeking for helps in finding a place to further their study at no charge. We have contacts in such big countries as The United States, England, Canada and Germany.




The program is available all year round.




All consulting services are at no charge.


How to Apply

Contact us via phone number of email:

Phone: +84 968 333 788


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