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No 8, Group 4, Bau Village, Kim Chung Commune, Dong Anh District, Hanoi City, Vietnam


International Internship

Studying Overseas




+ International volunteers who want permanent jobs in Vietnam.
+ Volunteers who stay and work at least 02 months at schools, social enterprises and NGOs who are CCHD’s partners.
+ Those who need a job in order to pay expense when staying in Vietnam or to afford their flights back to their countries.


Program Timeline

The program is available all year round. The minimum length is 02 months. However, volunteers who stay less than 02 months can still register with a higher registration fee.

+ The first 03 days – one week: Have a glimpse of Vietnam
Volunteers are introduced to Vietnamese social norms, traditions, laws, cuisine, traffic and so on. They may choose to live with Dung’s family at his beautiful detached house, which is the quickest and the best way to learn about the culture. There are local coordinators who guide volunteers around Hanoi, visiting some tourist attractions and enjoying local dishes.

+ The next 3 weeks: Receive training in job skills
Volunteers work with local schools or social enterprises. Here, they receive trainings that are necessary for their jobs. For instance, those who teach English should learn teaching methodology, teaching approaches, and how to design lesson plans for their English classes. They also learn some Vietnamese during this time.

+ The following months:
Volunteers sign a contract with their employers. They get 75% of their salary monthly and get all the rest on termination of employment.

Problem Statement

You want to have a permanent job in Vietnam? You stay here for several weeks to discover this beautiful country yet you are afraid that you cannot afford all the expenses and a flight ticket back to your country? Yet how to find volunteer projects, and what kind of work can you do to help or to make some money? Many of you when coming to Vietnam feel totally lost and end up working for some unreliable organizations, sometimes even being cheated. Come to us, and your problems will be easily solved.

Our program aims at introducing volunteers to Vietnamese culture and Vietnamese language. Moreover, we offer you different jobs or help get ones that match your skills and interests. Also, we provide teaching skills training programs, which benefit those who want to teach English in Vietnam.



Volunteers’ Responsibilities

For teaching positions:
– Work 05 hours per day and 05 days per week
– Be punctual
– Design lesson plans and class activities in advance
– Deliver the lessons and manage class
– Assess students and give them feedbacks




The program is available all year round.



– Free air-port pick up and transport to the volunteering sites
– Free accommodation and food
– Free trainings
– At least $500 monthly salary for paid jobs



– Please contact us for more information.


How to Apply

Contact us via phone number of email:

Phone: +84 98 633 3788


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