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No 8, Group 4, Bau Village, Kim Chung Commune, Dong Anh District, Hanoi City, Vietnam


Capacity Building

Culture Exchange



Program Description

– Beneficiaries: Youngsters, students and workers aged from 15 to 30 who are looking for help in job seeking, in enhancing hard skills and soft skills.

– Training courses include:

+ Language skills (English)
+ Team work skills
+ Critical thinking
+ Presentation skills
+ Skills for job seekers: Job searching skills, Writing CV and cover letter, Job interview skills

– Form of Training: short term and long term

+ English courses: range from 25 hours to 180 hours (1 month to 3 month-course), with native teachers and international course books.
+ Soft skills courses: with facilitators, ranges from 9 hours to 18 hours.

– Evaluation: Through written tests, oral tests or assignments. Get CCHD’s certificates at the end of the course.

What is Capacity Buidling and Why is it important

Human being is the key in the development of any organizations or countries. Therefore, to boost an organization or solve such bigger problems as climate change, food crisis or economic crisis, capacity building, whether at individual or organizational level, is still what counts.

One common traditional solution of any organizations and authorities is consulting experts or outsourcing. Therefore, the projects run by non-governmental organizations, non-profit organizations or enterprises are usually short-term and unsustainable. After being funded, or getting technologies, those projects are abandoned because of the lack of qualified human resources who can take over and maintain them.

Those problems will soon be tackled if young people and local people are systematically trained to have not only knowledge and skills, but also self-study skills, flexibility, problem solving skills and the ability to train the next generations. This is also what Capability building means.







Volunteers and experts who want to join this program should:

+ Be 18 years old or older
+ Be fluent in English
+ Be good at public speaking skills and training facilitation skills
+ Graduate from related fields such as Business Administration, Human Resources Management, English teaching (preferable)





How to Apply

Contact us via phone number of email:

Phone: +84 968 333 788



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